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What is it that we do?

We help to execute real estate development projects

We have created a social platform that connects development project specialists, investors, marketing resources, and professional know-how.
what we do

Community & networking

Connect with specialists

With Libelit, you have the option to create your own team of experts or join an existing project.

Each specialist has their own profile, which provides information about their education, experience, and portfolio of completed investments.

You can choose from a vast pool of industry experts and select the ones that you believe are the best fit for your project.
Community & networking

Tools and knowledge

All the necessary tools and information.

Welcome to the perfect place for creating unique development projects around the world. The platform provides a database of free expert knowledge that can introduce you to the world of real estate. With the help of Libelit, you can implement top-class architectural projects using advanced design, planning, and marketing tools.
Tools and knowledge

New possibilities

We can finance your construction project

Are you working on an exciting development project but struggling to secure the necessary funding? Look no further!
We can provide you with a comprehensive database of private investors who are willing to allocate funds to help bring your project to life.
With their support, you can turn your vision into a reality and create unique development opportunities all around the world.
New possibilities

What we offer?

Projects Development Support

Here are the most important functions of the platform, divided into those that are already active and those that are in progress.
Investing & fundraising tools
  • Projects tokenisation using blockchain technology
  • Digital wallet integration
  • Investing into s primary and secondary market
Investing & fundraising tools
Simplified real estate development
  • Assessment of architectural designs
  • Templates necessary to obtain a building permit
  • Assistance in setting up legal structure
  • Construction cost estimate tools
In progress
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Elevate your investment and real estate development skills to new heights with our comprehensive knowledge base and courses.
In progress
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Land Listings
Curated Selection of Building Plots for Your Investment Needs
In progress
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Social Media Platform
eLearningBuild your network of the specialists, share your experience and learn from others.
In progress
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Project presentation page
  • Description and technical specifications of projects
  • Valuation of costs and sales estimate
  • Virtual reality walk, project gallery and live camera
  • Construction works schedule
  • Users review of projects and teams behind them
about project
User profile and portfolio
A database of specialists from all over the world - architects, construction engineers, general contractors, lawyers, 3D designers and many others.
In progress
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Procesy i blockchain

How does it work?

  1. 1. Set up your profile.
  2. 2. Meet other specialists, start chatting and expand your network. Pick people that share your vision and build a team.
  3. 3. Improve your knowledge with eLearning materials.
  4. 4. Start a new real estate development project. Tokenize the project and raise funds with Libelit.
  5. 5. Start construction. Sell the completed real estate and share the profit with your fundraisers.
  6. 6. Sell the completed real estate and share the profit with your fundraisers.
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